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Aug 30, 2011


During the Summer we can expect people from all over the world to come by the shop, people from overseas to people just a few states away, but nonetheless die hard shoeheads. We have this young dude, Kahmar Keyes from Philly who saved his allowance for 2 years just so he can fly out to Los Angeles and hit up all the hot spots and of course he couldn't leave RIF LA out.

He ended up purchasing a fresh pair of Kobe VI All Star "OCs" that he unlaced and unds'd in the shop.
Our good friend Justin Carag just blew back down from his homeland of beautiful Hawaii and of course he never fails to look out for us on the munchies. Hawaii is like the best place to grab munchies because almost everybody over their smokes trees.

Li Hing Gummy Bears : #CRACK

justins desert camo fbts: #CRACK

It was my day off and ofcourse I had to bring the wifey and the little one down to Little Tokyo to visit the shop. 1 more month my daughter will be able to match with me and rock those '85 AJ 1s thats hanging around.

me & the wifeys sneaker shot:

These Air Yeezys are so lonely without the BLACK YEEZYs, someone should bring in a black Air Yeezy and make these other 2 yeezys happy. Better yet, someone should buy these 2 colorways and add it to their collezione.

Usually these guys have the blog camera in hand, but I can't figure out whos always taking a picture of these two. BTW those are unreleased pocket tees that will soon release sometime in September so stay tune!

Recently I've been hearing about a handful of people finding out their COOL GREY XI's are #FAKE, so tomorrow I shall be posting a LEGIT CHECK post on COOL GREY XI's. BTW a lot of people that are copping the 2011 black cement tres early, are going to SOON find out their pair is #FAKE.

Speaking of #FAKE, is it true Popeyes be making some #FAKE chicken? Like DNA chicken? Owell that stuffs gooooood! Shouts to Louis for the 50 pieces of chicken!!


louis sneaker shot: '99 bred ivs #CRACK.

Yes, it deserves a back shot. Nike Air baby!

fried dna chicken baby!

Edwin laced Lil Edwin with a RE. IN.FORCE. raglan tee, thats what big brothers are for!

Dom Kennedy, Leimert Park representative always finds time to come down to the shop and chop it up about kicks and music. Homie is good peoples, so hit up his website to see when his next show is but tell my why his shows are always #SOLDOUT.

but heffe said lets get a LA hat on your fitted!!!


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