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Aug 29, 2011


Every couple years theres a new breed of sneaker heads that start their journey into the shoe game, some get over it after a few pairs of shoes, and some stay addicted for LIFE. I remember I started my journey back in 1997, my pops bought me my first pair of jordans from the Crenshaw Swapmeet when I was 11 years old. They were the white/black aj 13s for $30.00, and I felt like the freshest 11 year old kid in 6th grade, not until some dude put me on blast and said they were fake. I should of known they were fake because $30 was too good to be true and the "23" in the bubble literally looked like the "2" and "3" found on your keyboard, but hey i was 11!

Shouts to the young kids below from Pasadena, and Happy Born day to homie on the far right...we see the 3 purrs. I told them, Only the strongest survive in the shoe game...

Speaking of young, a lot of shoe heads that get a little bit older start buying baby kicks way before they even think of having a baby. Who doesn't want their daughter or son to be laced with fresh kicks the minute they pop out? Best inves tment for any OG shoe head! True baby #CLASSIC.

I told myself I would never put my personal life on the RIF BLOG, but I want everyone to know I'm a proud father of a beautiful baby girl by the name of Shayla RAE Malabanan who was born on April 26th 2011. I can't wait for everyone to meet her! Once she starts running around, I'll make sure to have her at the shop in her fresh kicks...watch! Shes barely 4 months now :) Enjoy these exclusive pictures of my daughter, my babies momma will kill me lol.

This is Shayla when she was literally 3 days old, already rockin her pink xis. undeadstocked! I thought this was best girl colorway #CLASSIC.

By the way, shouts to all of the hardworking moms and dads out there, now I understand the true meaning of happiness.

So if ya'll ever come in and you notice i'm out of it, then i'm sure you know why! Babysitting time right after work and before I leave for work.

Now on to our regular daily blog. Has anyone notice Adidas has been killen recently? They need to thank Jeremy Scott! he's changing the game in my opinion.

air max 1 hold tight . ben drury (black/3m) too clean

Our bboy buddys from Paris, Joyeux Loufucks, fly down every year for freestyle session competition and they pretty much made it a tradition for them to come by our shop. We decided to make a quick shirt together for them to battle in.

Los Angeles x Paris. Video coming very soon of the battle, just a lit bit more editing and it'll be up.

Eds personal customer stays copping the #HEAT, but price was definitely not cheap this time around. Behind this yeezy he's probably counting all the paper he needs so he can own his holy grail, the BLACK YEEZY!!!!

You think anybody else could of came up with same exact model? Pretty crazy if you ask me...

this has to hurt for weeks...maybe months for some!

Homegirl brought some pure jordan heaters the other day, size 6-6.5Y. A lot of #CLASSICS. Couple gone already.

who's feet are these?

Frank Ocean came by the shop the day before the #VMAs, real cool humble dude and he gave me some really good advice. I told him I'd get him all the shoes he needs for some weed with Novacane sprinkled on top. thats a deal.

im kidding!


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