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Aug 22, 2011


We are blessed to be surrounded by great people, people who we eventually call family or friends, good peoples would be the perfect word. Our good friend zDOUBLEe would fit nicely in that category of family, he gave us the opportunity to be apart of the TANTUM LA revolution, don't act like you don't see all these cats rockin TANTUM bucket hats and pocket tees. We've dropped a handful of RIF LA x TANTUM LA Pocket tees, but just recently we dropped our SERAPE Pocket tees in black, white, navy and finally a color way that is not available to everybody, the grey Serape Pocket tees. If your lucky enough you might be one of the lucky ones who get to purchase this color way! Stay tune for many more pocket tees to drop. #GPHGP ...and thank you for supporting the movement!

Young Carls goal before Summer ends was to meet a special girl while working at the shop, and that goal was finally met when Carl stepped into Pinkberry! Not sure what her name is yet, but tell me why hes always big chillen outside now... do not be THIRSTY my friend!

Murad wanted to make it clear to everyone that he is noway related to Bruno Mars so please stop reminding him that he looks like BRUNO. We should all call him BRUNO for now on because I think he lowkey likes when people think he looks like Mr. Mars.

I always say the producer behind a dope song is as talented as the rapper laying down the 16 bars, and if you like listening to artists like AB SOUL and Kendrick Lamar then more than likely WILLIE B is party to thank. He produced tracks like MAYDAY! and Soul Cry off of Ab.souls #LONGTERM2, he also produced Opposites Attract (#OD) and RIGAMORTIS! off of Section.80 by Kendrick Lamar. Look out for his upcoming project titled Ichiban: Sound in 3d, and his Rap project The Ichiban Don.

Homie David below is not a producer, but he does come up on some major steals @ the shop, nds irons for $120?!? Btw thanks for all the baked goods bro!

...this look like sh!t but i love myself some fresh okonomiyaki!

Manny wishes...

...more like a bag full of breakfast burritos from Corkys all the way from the 909 area! best breakfast burrito i ever had, just add some sour cream and hot sauce!

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OG Olympic VII's::

not a bad price for someone who strictly collects originals.


el heffe cannot be defeated ::


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