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Aug 9, 2011


We rarely venture out of Little Tokyo, but today MannyFRESH brought up there was a Chipotle somewhere in Downtown LA so we locked up the shop for a quick minute to grab some lunch.

Meet the DTLA Hunting Club
I couldn't believe there was really a Chipotle minutes away from the shop, good times because I'm pretty tired of everything in Little Tokyo. Usually we eat the same crap everyday, Manny always wants Subway, Murad always fiends Aloha Cafe, Carls always thirsty for some Pizza, but Ed usually eats anything!

chicken, carne asada, beans ... :) yum

lookin like Manny can't wait...

Looks like I was the only one feeling the bowl, but burritos all around!

heffes bowl :)

jonli grubbin on some his Supreme burrito...

It was a long walk back to the shop, but at least we can burn off all that calories.

The minute we get back to the shop, our good friend Mr. Kuan surprises us with some vietanamese sandwiches. Too bad we were too stuff.

I need another pair of these beauties, size 10.5 or 11 please!

Had to thank the Lee Bros for the hookup! Nothings better than retail :)

1 of our consignment sellers, joe rockin his rays...

Shouts to our family Revolution Ride Shop out in Palm Springs, the only skate shop to support out there, literally! Tell em jeffe sent ya!


Jarred said...

Next time you guys go to Chipotle get a Quesadilla-Burrito. You won't stray from that menu choice once you get it, ever.

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