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Jun 8, 2013


This past Thursday evening the RIF team had the privilege to attend the Waffurusoru event that was held at Yojie Japanese Fondue in collaboration with Off the Wall Site.  It was a night filled with good music, great art, and of course some vans heat.  

Manny and Danny were ready to take the night by storm from the start.

Make sure to stop by and grab some food with our good people over at 2803 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. Diamond Bar, CA.

The event would not have been complete without the giveaways, shoutout to these two for holding down the table and making sure all raffle winners got their prizes.  We brought by a few Just Sell It hats to give out.

Whoever got these vans in the giveaway was the luckiest winner of the night...

The raffle winners board.

This was Danny's favorite pair of vans for the night.

These two ladies also happened to be his favorite pair of the night... Pleasure to meet you two.

This event was as much more of an art show than we had thought before arriving.  There were sick pieces like the one below throughout the venue.

The details were crazy, check out the moon man.

Yojie was packed all night, this shows just a glimpse of the full capacity crowd that came through, it's safe to say it was a full house.

One of our favorite pieces.

A shot of a couple of the decks on display as well.

What Did the Team Wear Today

The Turnup Crew

Of course our night wouldn't have been complete without seeing some shoes, here's the W)Taps x Vans Syndicate 018 Pack.  Peep those black Sk8 mids.

"Dems is nice" - Carl's reaction to the W)Taps

It was a night filled with some good laughs and great times.  Shoutout to everyone who made this event possible, and once again we would like to thank the good people over at Yojie for hosting the event.

"T U dude"- Danny

To end the night, the trap team had to get a trap meal, so what better place to go to other than KFC.

The RIF squad played no games, going straight for the KFC bucket meal with extra biscuits.  

To top it all off, Carl had to get his favorite drink: Grape Kool Aid 

Until our next adventure, have a blessed week



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