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Jun 28, 2013

Final Product

Summer is officially in full swing, with temperatures now rising high into the 90's.  Not only has there been a lot of heat in terms of weather, but there's been a lot of HEAT shoes that have been coming through the shop.  Here's a Deadstock size 9 Galaxy Foamposite, it's no question these will be gone within 2 days. 

The RIF team has been very busy lately, here's the most recent scene from 2nd street.  As you can see, a U-Haul rental was necessary to bring an entire collection to the shop.

This is what the inside looked like when it was HALF way unpacked.  

It took a lot of people and quite a few minutes but we were able to finally unload the U-Haul and start unloading the boxes into our shop. This is a textbook example of why RIF uses the slogan, #PUSHINGWEIGHT

The final product, this is the biggest Buy Back RIF has done to date, and the person who owned this collection is going to use all the newly earned CASH to open up a Vape Shop.  Goodluck to you brotha.  Be sure to stay up on the site today as we will be putting up ALL these kicks.

Don't forget to stop by RIF Dos for anything Supreme, check out the Kermit deck as well as Medicom Kermit toy below, these are just some of the goodies you can come up on at our shop, we've got you covered from accessories to shirts or hats for this summer.

Have a Blessed day



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