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Dec 5, 2008


Overwhelmed with consignment shoes everyday! A lot of people are sleeping on deals though, so make your way to RIF LA and pick yourself up a little something.

Soul Assassins, LA LIFESTYLE, thanks guys!

More shoes..

and more shoes..

and guess what, more shoes from Florida...

Oh snaps, more shoes ya'll.

You'll never guess who came in with hella body guards. I don't even the chicks name but I will find out. She wouldnt let me take a picture of her, owells!

Our good friend Jaspar Eyears came by to pay us a visit, he said the first time he was here which was about 2 years ago, we barely had any stock, but now we have TOO MUCH! He owns his own shop in Mexico City, called SHELTER, which also sells shoes, but strictly accounts. I told him I couldn't wait to visit his shop and check out his hyperstrike collection, you'll see a lot of shoes coming in and out of here from our friend Jaspar so be on the look out.

You gotta love them sneaker couples!

Don't do CRACK ya'll. Originals jordans will crack, do not wear shoes over 10 years old! Homegirls grapes cracked while her boyfriend was buying a pair of unks.

Central x 2nd street

I went to go ship some items out @ my favorite post office. This is not your typical post office, its located in the Honda Plaza on 2nd and Central, right next to my boys bakery.

You can also get your at&t and cingular celles here.

They offer free boxes in all shapes and sizes and you can sit down to handle your sh!t.

Hello ladies, HAHA.

Little came down to show me his new ninja sword moves. The hat should be LA though.

Why, hello ladies?

Stay tune for our " new arrivals " to hit our website.


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