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Dec 8, 2008


Our daily free pinkberry, thanks neighbors!

Also my daily free sushi, thanks kai!

The pares came by to pick up some steals.

Check out the slippers lol, ed in the christos

So today, we had this one dude bring in a pair of heinkens for consignment, but without even opening the box, I knew they were fake. The quality of the box tag was OFF by a mile, and it just got worse after I opened the box.


The lace bag is not the right size, this is way bigger.

The "7.5" is a give away.

Colors are way off

This dude said he got it @ UNDFTD, and I asked him which Undftd, and he said La Brea, but I was like, "UNDFTD LA BREA DOESNT SELL SBS HOMIE" you got caught! UNDFTD Santa Monica sells sbs and everything they sell is 100% AUTHENTIC.


The dude asked if he can take it back and I said, "what?, these shoes?"

Next dude who brings in fakes, we'll sneak a picture of your face and your numero!


Jonli said...

Deng, you owned that dude ! Haha.

Dandee J. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dandee J. said...

damn, i think its hilarious that u guys are totally ripping this guy apart and at the same time are taking pictures of his fake shoes. haha. i would hate to be him.

Anonymous said...

This makes me feel like coming down from the Bay to LA to buy some real 100% shoes.

Just saying

David said...

let me express my big respect for you guys. this dude would have to be in jail right now. fuck fakes. thanks for doing that.

werbz. said...

the last picture of you scrunching the shoe is awsome.
fuck fakes, can't believe idiots like that guy think they can bring them to a place like RIF.

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