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Dec 31, 2008


Ofcourse we're open today! So if anyone need some last minute kicks to look fresh tonight or to end of the 2008 YEAR, we'll be open till 6:00 PM today!

We haven't updated the blog with "new arrivals" in a while, but I'm telling you now that we've been receiving a massive amount of consignment everyday, and we still got 40 pairs waiting to be put on, nothing but GOOD shoes!

I wish those 96' patents and reverse city attacks were my size!


Not a lot of people know, but we do consignment clothing items, but only GOOD stuff. Check out this sample Supreme New Era fitted.

you so funny man!

Can someone drop some knowledge on me about these dunk lows!?

QUESTION OF THE DAY "Could I get more pictures and the contact info on the owner?"

*If we freely gave out consignment sellers contact information, then whats the point of us being here!


JESSE from the BIG F13 rolled by rocking his fresh whites matching with his fresh white truck.

Happy New Years ya'll. FCUK 2008!...2009 HERE WE COME!


Jonli said...

Those AF1 '96 Patents is my size !!
And that Wonjae is an idiot. Haha.

F said...

Those Dunk Lows were from NikeId when they first started doing dunk IDs a few years ago. It had something to do with that whole "Joga Bonita" thing for Brazil/Soccer.

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