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Dec 1, 2008


Today is the 1st of the month! We are starting December with a lot of " new arrivals" and A LOT MORE shoes are coming EVERYDAY. If your looking to buy a pair of shoes for a special someone for Christmas, then RIF LA is the only place to buy some rare and fresh sneakers!

Check out these buttery Lebrons! They'll be up tomorrow. Not sure how much yet, but where have you seen these?!?

We just received a load of size 13 kicks today, all reasonablely priced and their are some obvious STEALS in the bunch, so let all your size 13 homies know wsup!

VITAMIN C is KEY to GREAT health. - JB

We got a bunch of size 9.5 goodies in, but they'll all be available instore early tomorrow, and will be put on the site later that day. All of it is DEADSTOCK, and will be reasonably priced, so don't SLEEP.

Everyone have a GOOD one!


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