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Dec 6, 2008


RIF LA dropping some sneaker knowledge. Thanks to Randall from House Of Hoops LA.

If you didn't know, the DMP "Defining Moments Package" was suppose to be a 3 pair set retailing @ $500, but it never happen, so it ended up being just the AJ XI and AJ VI. The 3rd pair was suppose to be the Converse Pro Leather All-Stars, which Jordan wore during his time in the NCAA with UNC "Tarheels". The back of the shoes feature Jordan making the game winning shot at the last seconds to win his first championship ever, so thats why they came up with "The Defining Moments Package"

These were never officially released, but who knows, they may release them some day.
Here are some actual pictures of the shoes below:


Unknown said...

Simply Amazing! Great post!

I check this blog very often and you guys always have the best stuff.
Check out my post about these on Sneakerfiles.com

I appreciate the great info guys!


Egoist4Ever said...

Hey, is that your one and only blog or you in addition to that run some more?

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