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Jul 15, 2013

The Lifestyle

Summer is in full swing with consistent 90 degree days and beautiful sunset scenes across Southern California. Here's a look at Weller Court in Little Tokyo with City Hall in the background, it's not a bad sight at all when taking my daily stroll back and forth to the shop. 

 Carl has been busy making sure all the new consignment was inputed into our system as well as online.
The Jordan wall is always looking clean and organized thanks to our hard working staff.
Our homie Jaime Da Great decided to stop by and chop it up for the afternoon, it was a pleasure to see you fam!
Once the day slowed down, Manager Manwell decided to go pick up his team some cold drinks to beat the summer heat.
Manny had a hard time deciding what beverage would have his staff refreshed and ready for the last few hours.
Manny finally decided on Canada Dry, Sprite, and Green Tea.
Instead of walking back to the shop, Manny decided to take out his new WHIP and stunt on everyone on 2nd street.
There's no way to start off as a sneakerhead than at a young age, as shown here with these two.  We'd like to thank Carmine (@carqueros9) and Connor (@clunny13) for stopping by RIF after flying in from Arizona.  It's important to recognize and honor the fact that the future of the sneaker culture is in the hands of the youth as much as it is in the hands of those that have been collecting since the early 2000's, 1990's and even 1980's.  We appreciate the support and hope you all continue to ReInForce the sneaker culture, not just in Los Angeles, but across the WORLD.
Also, shoutout to Jennifer and Richard for stopping by the shop wearing their heaters.  Jennifer is rocking KD IV Weatherman's and Richard is in South Beach LeBron 9's. 
Finally, we will take a quick look at the new AJ 4's.  Here's the view of the side of the shoe, how do you feel about these?
A quick shot of the heel.
And a quick shot of the sole.
The AJ 1 Shadow Grey's also released this weekend, and I HOPE no one slept on these.
You all know that we are about No Trickery here at RIF, so when a few pairs of fakes came in we felt bad for the homie who had them.  We never want to put anyone on blast for having fakes, if anything we want to help and educate people on the difference between authentic pairs and fake pairs.  Please feel free to come to the shop anytime for a Legit Check.
The Fuugazy 4's
It's about that time of the week for our weekend recap sneakershots. Jaime Da Great leads us off with his FRESH pair of 1999 White Cement 4's.
The Shadow's look even BETTER on feet, super intern Danny rocking these.
The homie Deniro rocking his Yeezy 2 Platinum's.
DMP 11's
Nike Flyknit Trainer's
Young Noey rocking his CLEAN DB 9's, catch Cris the Lurk in the background LOL.
Finally, we would like to continue to THANK everyone for bringing in all the donations of shoes and clothing we have received the past couple of weeks.  Below, you can see OG and his friend getting their summer wardrobe together and to say the least they were VERY happy and thankful for all the donations YOU guys have given them.

Take a closer look at some of the donations, nothing but brand new clothing for them.
 We also laced the homie below with some new Air Maxes.  "Good People Helping Good People" is not merely a slogan we campaign for a hoodie or t-shirt, we are about the lifestyle in which we help all of the less fortunate in our area.

On that note, we leave you with the city skyline just before sunset.
Have a blessed week.


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