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Jul 29, 2013

Hidden Gems

There's nothing better to do during a warm summer day in downtown than cruise the streets in your car, blasting the A/C and blasting trap music as well.  Manwell decided to take his car through the streets for a joyride to get some much needed supplies for the traphouse.
The interior of Manwell's beam-beam is A1.
Manny keeps an eye on the road at all times, making sure to be as safe as possible when he's racing through the streets.
Downtown is rich in history, and all you need to see to recognize this are the buildings lining the streets.  Make sure you don't forget to look UP or you might miss the hidden gems of the city's most elegant architecture lining the streets.
In addition to this, downtown boasts a number of murals which are painted by some of the most talented artists around.  Peep this one below, it's pretty cool to see while you're on your daily commute through the city.

Manny reached his destination safe and sound, and in only 6 minutes it's safe to say he's the best driver the streets of LA has ever seen.

Take a look at some of the essentials Manny had to get for the shop.  Never underestimate the value of a pen or sharpie, these are worth more than some pairs of shoes in the shop, especially when we are down to the last ONE.

 Here's the sneakershots from the past weekend:
Nike Flyknit Racer


2000 AJ 6 Infrared
Jackie Jin in the Multi-color Nike Flyknit Racer

Cris rocking his AJ 4 Cavs

Jackie Jin gets a double feature on the sneakershot this week, he's on the left with the AJ 1 Banned and Danny rocking his What the Dunks

Nike Flyknit Trainer +

 South Beach LeBron 9
AJ 11 low


It's not too often you see one of these, a DS AF1 Playstation.  These were SOLD within 2 days.

Finally, we would like to thank the LA Clippers new associate head coach Alvin Gentry for stopping by the shop with his family.  Alvin told us his son heard about the shop and has been wanting to visit for a while, and with them coming to LA I'm sure they will be regularly stopping by.

 Until next time, have a blessed week.







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