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Jul 25, 2013

Believe the Hype

By now I'm sure you have all heard of the latest hype about this pastry below, the cronut.  This was the last one left from the box we ordered from the local Frances Bakery on 2nd and Central street.  To keep it short and sweet, these are as GOOD as people say they are, believe the hype.

It has been a BUSY week to say the least.  We have been doing huge buybacks lately as well as receiving TONS of new consignment on a daily basis.  This past week has seen as many as 100+ new arrivals in one day, so be sure to check the online shop on a daily basis.  Below, you can see one of our 3 DAILY trips to FedEx just to ship all the orders.  #PushingWeight

The homie Jackie Jin decided to stop by and pick up a couple of heaters as well as chop it up with Heffe.

Shoutout to Bol Bol and his team for stopping by the shop.  

Also, shoutout to these 4 for coming through as well.  HUGE thank you to Carlo O'Brien (@coolcarlo), Christine Taylor (_cri), Matt Webster (mattatats), and Tyson Mcinerney (@yuntyco) for making the journey to RIF all the way from Australia.

Our good friend Derrick Williams is not only a sneaker aficionado who cops PLENTY of heat for his personal collection, but he is also a very selfless individual who recently decided to give back to the community with a contest.  He is going to randomly post on social media networks and make a  scavenger hunt for random pairs of shoes in the coming weeks.  Be sure to follow him @Dwillvii to participate and maybe you can be the lucky person to get a FREE pair of kicks.

Below, Francis Bustamante and friends won the first part of the contest.  He got a FREE Kobe 8 YOTS, congratulations bro and we hope you enjoy the shoes.

Can you tell which one is the 2010 DB 3 and which one is the 2013 DB 3?

The 2013 pair has a few subtle, yet noticeable differences.  The gold design on the upper is a touch darker on the new pairs, while the 3m is less bright than the older pair.  Overall, it is still a DB and quality seems to be up to par with many of the recent, yet higher quality Jordan brand releases.  S/O @enzothegreatest for stopping by with this pair.

The famous RIF bench, it was the original landmark of RIF before we got our signs above each shop.  

Here's a few sneakershots:
Connor in his Black Cement 3's

Carl rocking his 94 AJ 1's

Nick DePaula of Sole collector rocking some exclusive heat, Air Foamposite One from the Sole Collector x Penny pack.  Pleasure to meet you brotha.

Finally, a necessary set for any collection, there's nothing like the original colorways of Air Jordans, especially in the AJ One silhouette from 2001.

We hope you have a blessed week, until next time..



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