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Mar 24, 2011


Here at RIF LA we've been on a little blog hiatus focusing our attention on the HUNDREDS of sneakers that are in transit to and from our doors here at RIF LA. Though many of you think that you've seen it all when stepping into the shop doors, what you really see is only the TIP of the "business" iceberg we truly have going on here at RIF. (imagine having a 400 pair shipment of sneakers stuck in Customs in Japan because of earthquakes, which in retrospect isn't that big of an issue) KEEP in MIND we are the ONLY international CONSIGNMENT SHOP from JAPAN to UNITED STATES. Many have tried but who has succeeded?

Thank you to ALL that have supported us here at RIF both old and new customers. THANK You all that have been patient with orders, inquiries and picture request( we receive an average of 300 picture request daily, you all have Manny working a sweat) and THANK YOU ALL international customers, because of ALL of our international customers our sales have JUMPEDDDDDD in 3 months, recession what? WTF

Now thinking of all these issues we have here at RIF and issues with shoes, this does not even compare to the issues and problems that Japan is currently facing. Though everything and most importantly everyone is WELL with our SHOP in Harajuku, TOKYO it is hard to maintain a solid focus on sneakers with After Shocks and the treat of Nuclear Fallout around the corner.

So as Japan stays vigilant and steadfast in this time of crisis we will try our BEST to help relieve the stress of LA. AVE and NAPSIZE...WE will try our best to answer any INQUIRIES and CONCERNS regarding shoes, shipments and other questions that are sent to NAPSIZE and LA. AVE.

Please send questions and concerns with orders and shoes to mail@RIF.LA

Being based in Tokyo Town here in Los Angeles the tragedy oversees seems more at home with all the Japanese shops and Japanese tenants of the local area.

On the lighter side we just recently received a 200 pairs of consignment from ONE yes ONE consignment seller...and he has a STORAGE PACKED with shoes...this was only the first batch Here's Edouche individually inspecting all the sneakers.

Here's Edouche after realizing that he still has another few hundred to go. DO WORK.

And here's what keeps all of us FOCUSED and AWAKE although the CRASH is horrible. Thanks MANNY FOR GETTING US Heart ATTACKS in the can.

1 of 4 Pairs of AJ White Cement 4's, three pairs didn't even make it to our online shop. I guess THOSE with real heat don't need to brag and on what they have. When we asked him if he had any of the newer retros/CDP Packs/ and misc colors. He said, " why do I those B*LLS&IT colors or cdp packs when I have the OG's" true...what do you think?

ALL DS everythaaannnggggg.

Clear as the DAY he bought them.

Oh yea the collector had hoards of Vans some of which only released a few months ago.

Edouche made sure to LOCK his PAIR of Linen AF1's. This was one pair out of 6 he had brought to us. I believe there's 1 pair left? And after talking with the consignment seller he said that he had a few more pairs "lying around" SMH

OG Goodies.

He's been a Fan of the shop and even said that he remembered going to our shop in TOKYO 10 years ago!!! Funny thing he said that this AM 95 "Comet" might have been one of the pairs he bought from us on one of his many trips to our SHOP in Japan! HE asked if we wanted them and we couldn't say no. Its final resting place is here at the shop.

As we were all hard working here at the shop MOORAD the self-proclaimed SAMPLE FIEND KING came by. At first we thought it was our friend Z but we realized with it was the variant version.

Hello Moorad and his brother and lady.


nice shirt SARA! Soo Sorry sold out.

The only yellowing that looks GOOD.

Something's missing in LITTLE Tokyo. WE miss you homies

IF you wanna get your grown man ON and have a $1000.00 to spare make sure to check our VISVIM selection here at the shop. F.I.L exclusive. I never seen Edouche so excited for a pair of shoes in a LONG TIME until these came in.

2 of the best. What do you think?

Re-Stock. Get em while their hot. Last batch(24 units) lasted 1 weekend. SMH... :0)

What Manny ate...instead of telling us that he was going on lunch break...he decided to buy himself food and eat infront of us...after he was finished with the chicken and potatoe salad, he asked if we wanted the left-overs..."naw brah we're good with the cabbage strips..thanks though"

And with all these pick ups...Edouche with the Linen AF1's...Manny with his Teriyaki Chicken Combo...you know Heffe needed to pick something up for himself...

Nice Jeffe...nice...(pause).


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