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Mar 8, 2011


Skeme, Tiron, Ayomari was in the building and they'll be performing @ the SchoolboyQ show on March 11th at the Key Club.

You see Mannyankee on the hunt?

HIII Power : TDE

Javonte and Alorijoh was also here...these 2 people can really sing! and i mean real talent!

One Qs biggest fans came down...

homie jorge, kevin, kendrick and Q...

Manny chatting it up with DAVE who manages the whole TDE camp, dude never stops workin.


Edouche taking a picture with his favorite member of Blackhippy, Mr. Jayrock himself.


red bloody vs

bhm kobe vis & red supreme blazers ::

we even got the ladies in attendance rockin the proper kicks...

manny @n juan collabo

denise, krystal n kendrick

TiRon on the Live USTREAM...

We got a couple Pistols & Palm Trees mixtapes at the shop, so come own and ask for one!

there was kicks everywhere! just the way we like it.

...i see some carmines

bred xis and true blue 3s

btw we don't take Supra in for consignment anymore, sorry!

manny & manny

What was Lennar Cupcakes doing here?!? always big chillen with the RIF LA FAM! Is that Tantum on your head boy?

RIF LA represent...

it smelled might nice outside, but dam it was cold out!

ayomari & Tiron, dynamic duo

RIF x TDE x 3m Flawless Wallace

Remember to catch all these cats below on March 11th @ the Key Club, its a must see show. West west represent!

good times, w/ good peoples...till the next one!


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