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Mar 25, 2011


Clothing has always been an important factor when wearing sneakers. Whether consciously or sub-consciously. As a shop, RIF wanted to create something basic yet refined to our tastes as LA Natives. Though screen printed Tee's will always be a California standard, wanting something different from the norm prompted us to create our pocket tee. Like our store front in Japan, our shop here in Los Angeles and our overall lifestyle, we wanted to create something simple, possibly useful and something that reflected our personal style.

RIF POCKET Tee's will be a basic ITEM we will be using constantly. Much like today's screen printed tees... we will be using different materials/ colors and textures with our pocket tee.

( same style tee with different material and patterns for the pocket)
and not to mention when they are GONE they ARE GONE.

Our first 2 colors basic BLACK and Navy Blue. And you know we had to rep the bandana print.


This Saturday $27.00


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