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Mar 16, 2011


We usually get a bunch of shoes in that we consider DEAL OF THE DAYS, but once in a blue moon we'll a shoe a pair of shoes in that we consider the STEAL OF THE DAY. These footscape woven hideouts didn't last more than 10 minutes.

The homie big ANT from South Gate swung through to cop a gang of goodies, now you wonder who stays updated on our daily deals.

just a few more left in these and its dunzo!

edouche & heffe @ your service...

these loubs cost more than your London Dunk sbs ...true!

JuanEATS making sure all the kicks are nice and straight on both sides of the walls.

We moved around some fixtures and made a lot more room for the store front, feels a lot better.

the dog to the right is probably the biggest dog i've ever seen in person. The picture doesn't do it any justice, but he can stomp on the lil dog forsure...

#WDYWT: Juan & Manny : TB tres's and Supreme x NBH Chukkas::

originals all day:::

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