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Mar 22, 2011


So, everyone is praying for Japan, thinking about Japan & worrying about Japan, question is, “What you gonna put on it?” LAX-JFK is teaming up w/ Tradition, Bloodbath, Brooklyn Projects, RIF LA, De La Barracuda (and other Independent Retailers to be announced) for a very SPECIAL MINASAN LOVE NIPPON Project (Translation: EVERYONE LOVE JAPAN).

LAX-JFK allocated over 3,000+ Garments to be decorated w/ special artwork & Slogan MINASAN LOVE NIPPON to be designed by Bloodbath Lifestyle Brand and Anenberg Lifestyle Threads agreed to produce the tees in the name of the cause. It’s that easy people. Philanthropy is a beautiful thing, get involved. Garments will be available at select retailers and 100% of the proceeds will got to REBUILD JAPAN. Most of my BEST FRIENDS are Japanese, combined with my love for the ANYTHING Japan (Fashion, Lifestyle, OG Iron Chef) we felt compelled to get up and do something! I’m asking YOU (friends/patrons/family) to do the same!

THIS SATURDAY MARTH 26TH, before the party, before the booze, before the beach… I’m asking for a dozen or so volunteers for some help w/ an inventory. I have 3,000+ Garments that need to be broken down, sorted and repacked. Since the proceeds are going to charity, our budget is limited, that’s why we need YOU to help! Please contact me via email (nacho@LAX2JFK.com) or call the shop at (310)532-2905 for details. We’ll need you from 8:00am until approximately 11:00am (or so), the warehouse is in Inglewood (very close to LAX). COFFEE & DONUTS will be provided by LAX-JFK, I hope you can make it. Wear your playground clothes, because you may get dirty!

RETAILERS can also reach out to carry the MINASAN LOVE NIPPONgarments, please contact me for details. Please contact me immediately, because we want all of the stores involved mentioned for their charity. It takes a Village to raise a child, it’s going to take more than that to rebuild the Village.


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