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Mar 30, 2011

birdZ & the beeZ

Other than Friday one of our favorite days here at RIF are Wednesdays. Not only is it the MID-Week and almost FRIDAY... but for some reason this is the day that majority of you GOOD People come through the shop and drop off goodies. We are trully blessed. Thank you ALL.

RIF's favorite couple came down Alex and Johanna. Not only have they supported RIF for years but they are the one of the most kind and un-selfish couples we have ever met. Thanks again guys. Hope you enjoy those Easter's

His and Hers JEDIS...

EL Torino. Some of the best Tacos in all Los Angeles.

With a home made cheese cake to match. Delicious. BTW we never ask ANYONE for anything we are just hooked up. I guess great customer service and being respectful towards others goes a long way.

Complements to the chef. Cheesecake was delicious.

Juan, the self proclaimed "AJ 11 beast" shining on us today with a fresh pair of AJ 11 Space Jams.

Jayson Cupcakes, what Jayson Cupcakes thought about Juans Space Jams. "ummmm"

MannyFresh, the self proclaimed "AJ KO KING" UN-DSing his 5th pair of AJ KO's.

WDYWT, Manny??

WDYWT, Edouche?

Sneaker shots of the DAY.

We don't discriminate. Ferragamo

Two of the best JORDAN Releases this year. Flints/Play-offs 13s:::

112 Air MAX 1. ohhhh weeeeee

Nima in his CDP 4's. Look at that fine craftmanship. One wear and your paint cracks!

PICK UPs of the DAY.

Heffe's new pickup, BLACK MAMBA Vs. G.O.A.T.

MJ Shining on KOBE in this PIC. "SWAG on thousand dolla bill" -Juan

HEFFE rockin that unreleased TANTUM.LA bucket hat, get them only @ Union.LosAngeles

WDYWT, Heffe? RIF everything, with a touch of TANTUM.LA


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