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Mar 29, 2011


The clock moved an hour ahead, the sun shining and the ladies of Los Angeles are parading around more scantly clad. This only means one thing...summer but most importantly spring is knocking on the door. Its almost time to put away those heavy parkas, boots, knit caps and make way for shorts, RIF Tee's and fresh sneakers. Though winter never really made a large impact with our daily lives/regiment here in southern California, its always nice to see the tree's blooming, sun shining and vividly colored sneakers releasing.

Looking closely at most of the sneakers worn by us here at RIF we all have one thing similar...we all wear dark, mostly black based sneakers. We thought it would be nice to change it up a bit and add color to our sneaker arsenals.

Here are a few notables that will be releasing from a variety of sneaker brands that just might make it into our weekly sneaker rotations...that's if we can sway away from our black and white chucks for the summer. Enjoy.

Hiroki has definately turned another classic silloute into a Visvim-eqes classic. With the use of aged seldvege denim and exported dyes from around the world. This Visvim Skagway is a definate copp, thats its we can justify its (more than likely) $400.00 price tag. Not many can appreciate the craftsmanship used to create Visvim products those that venture out of their monetary comfort zone can admit, once you go Visvim you never go back.

Tons amoung tons of Zoom Kobe 6's have released this year. And in our opinion more than any single nike signature shoe. But as the saying goes, if you build it they will come. Thats no exception for the Kobe 6. With this new DEL SOL colorway they are sure to sell out. And with the Lakers on the Hunt for their 4th straight championship. This is a must for those Laker Playoff games.

Another classic model with a simple colorway. Though there are heaps of AM 95's some with different materials, colors and sometimes hybrids, there is nothing like a clean classic colorway. Seems as if our AM 95 Neons will have some company this summer.

Speaking of white sneakers is sometimes taboo when being a shoe fanatic. Some believe that white/white Uptowns are the be all and end all of white kicks...and its the AF1 way or the highway. We somewhat agree, but if you don't feel like lugging around bricks on your feet this spring then we can suggest these Lunar Chukka Woven + With the clean silloute and obvious comfort. Why not try something new?


Anonymous said...

Lakers on the hunt on their 4th straight championship?

lawl you should fire the person who blogged this entry.

Shame shame shame.

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