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Feb 27, 2009


My boy Jason, #1 Dad in Long Beach, came down with his daughter to pick up some kicks and chit chat a little. Probably one of the realist cats I know from Long Beach! Thanks for always supporting man!

We did get a lot of " new arrivals " today, all price reasonable ofcourse, so come down to the shop!

Our Big homies came down to say wsup and pick up some fresh tees. This car is just asking to get pulled over! Mutha effin gee ride.


I SEE IT. Do u c it?
These guys don't mess around! When people say gangs don't exist anymore, thats because they live in the " GOOD " areas, but gangs are still alive in the Socal area. We don't support gangs but a lot of them are still our friends.

This shit must hurt
Keepin it black n white.
But we definitely don't support FAKE kicks. LOL


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