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Feb 19, 2009


Just received a handful of 8.5s today, click HERE to check out what we got.

OG came down to pick up some wheat his he had on hold. Hes currently looking for some Michigan His between a size 9.5-10!

L'IL NINO came down to say wsup too, you can catch him chillen @ Starbucks on Central everday before 12.
I ain't mad @ these.

switched out the yellow laces

So it looks like jordan brand is coming out with every single jordan they ever came out with, well.. it looks like this is their plan. AJ 12 white/red coming out holiday 2009!? Come on! Ya'll are coming out with everything. Thanks theshoegame for the information once again.


bceltic26 said...

cassette playa dunks?!?
i've been lookin for those!
Does that older sir really
collect kicks?

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