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Feb 6, 2009


Its been raining the whole day down here in Los Angeles, well actually the last few days and maybe tomorrow. We received a couple pairs of consignment today, both "used" and " brand new " items, so check out our " new arrivals".

With the whole recession going on, cats aren't spending loot like they use to, but we've been receiving probably double or even triple amount of consignment compared to last year. Its tax return season, so when you get that fat check from the government, make sure to swing down here and treat yourself to some fresh kicks.

Yesterday night me and Ed ended up hitting up SENOR FISH to watch the Lakers kill the Celtics :) Can't go wrong when its 1 block away, fish tacos are $1.00 and beers for $3.00, what else can you ask for. After SENOR FISH we hit up the taco truck that we found right in front of the moca, but it wasn't your ordinary taco truck, it was the Korean taco trucks!

This dudes back is completely soaked. lol

mighty yummy.

By the way, I NEVER answer private calls. Unblock it homayy

Couple new goodies.

Took 30 mins to walk down to PITFIRE Pizza and take advantage of their happyhour, 50% OFF everything. Its located just 2 blocks away from RIF. Working here for 2 years and barely now I find out about this SUPER HAPPY HOUR, its just 40 steps away from us.

Looks like a pile of grass on this pizza, but looks can be deceiving. YUMMY.

De La Soul's next Nike PROJECT ( thanks to theshoegame)


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