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Feb 26, 2009


I've been waiting for maybe over a year for this to come out! For a limited time only, Del Taco has brought back their FAMOUS " Shrimp Taco ". If you had this before then you already know wsup, but if you haven't, this this is a MUST!

Our boy came down all the way from the UK to show us some love. He even showed us a video him and his friends put together. Its not on youtube so we couldn't post it up, but he said he'll put it up so one day we can post it.

Check out some pics I took while watching the video.

Recession FOOD. Ed is getting hit HARD with the recession, so all he eats everyday is microwavable hamburgers and venti americanos.

TANGOS?!? Straight from Ecuador. Perfect for your daily MUNCHIES!

Over a hundred people applying for 1 job opening @ American Apparel. Looks like everyone's desperate for a job, hopefully our economy gets better soon. We thought they were lining up for a Supreme release.

Deals of the day, aj 14 og white/red NDS sz 10 w/everything for $100!!!



AJ 3 sz 13 nds $150 + Spiz sz 13 nds $110


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