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Feb 17, 2009


Its been a while since your boys at RIF got cleaned up. We never have time to get out and take care of ourselves, but today was an exception. You gotta love free cuts with an instore service.

So today our boy BIG ANT owner of FAMOUS ALLSTAR BARBER came through to Archrival and Rif to clean us up a bit. Not only did Jeff get the premium treatment but your boy Ed got cut too. Its been 6 months since Ed has had any body touch his hair.

Famous Allstar Barber
3906 Tweedy Blvd.
South Gate Ca 90280

Check Jeffs BORIQUA line-up, step your line-up game.

Satisfied customer.
STRAIGH RAZOR cut, Ed feeling like AL CAPONEhis tools

BIG ANT himself. Had to lace him with a fitted ofcourse.
Only BIG ANT can taper and line you up like geometry in the 11th grade, but he'll clean up your grown man look. PEEP Ed's Ricky Ricardo Taper. what?!Even LIL' F13 got lined up with a mohawk.
pares are always here
addicted to spitz. 50% off coupons, cant go wrong!
The fries are crack

no fixing in the store pare

2nd time getting a LOON $4,500.00


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