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May 17, 2011

speaking of which.

Its been strange weather here in 334a Down Town LA, one day its mid 80's the next minute the temperature drops 15 degrees. One second a ray of sun beams through the shop the next minute thunderous clouds roll over the city of angels. NON the less its all business here at RIF. All work and no play...and who said no-one wears heat on bad days?

Jeff doesn't give a fuck if its 30% chance of rain...its NIKE AIR ALL DAY.

As for Moorad its red Everythang. YUNG MOOORAAADD BABY. SMH

One of the best parts of living in southern California IS the weather. It normally stays pretty consistent and rarely do we have to wear goulashes or boots. Its sneakers ALLLLL year long.

Speaking of HEAT.

The Los Angeles footwear scene is an eclectic one. Rarely do you find a sneaker fiend interested in just ONE particular model. Footwear transcends boundaries of interest and fashion and you might find your Air Jordan Lover wearing a pair Vans TAKA J-Lays and list goes on. The beauty of footwear is to embrace its eclectic forms and open yourself to new and interesting models/styles.

Vans J-Lay

$400 Vans Chukkas anyone? Umm..I mean Visvim Flynts?

Like Visvim Japan dabbling into the casual "athletic" shoe market( in our opinions) with the Kiefers and now Flynts...the opposite goes for Adidas. A great example of a traditional sneaker company transcending its original "athletic" boundaries and entering into the casual lifestyle category. Interesting, actually not really.

Adidas Boat Sneakers.

On a lighter NOTE, Beard Papa Cream PUFFS...thanks again MAX. You def know how to give us cavities.

After all those Delicious Cream Puffs. You know we had to lighten the load. With a little something a little more healthy.



shouts to Mr. TOT !

And the Following Pictures. Who's WHO?


Non the less...another great LA day. Stay tuned in the coming days. And thank God its almost Wednesday.


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