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May 22, 2011


If you didn't know yet, we've been taking in pre-owned "worn" shoes for consignment at a 80/20 rate, but our consignment shoes that are brand new will always stay at 15%.

If you are bringing in worn shoes, please make sure to clean them before you take them in and please no shoes that are damaged.

very early!!!
congrats on the new whip Mr. Cupcakes!

couple neck breakers of the day:::

hands down, best Lebron thats came out! Get yourself some South Beaches!

Edoki San doing what he does best, yes.... SELL A DREAM BABY! Picture taken behind the scenes... by Paula

Benjamin came down to buy a dream, he ended up trading some infrared 6s for some jeezys

#GPHGP man, thought you knew.

Been playing Skemes newest Mixtape The Statement everyday in the shop ever since he dropped it, its a must LISTEN, so download it FREE on his website HERE. ( Thank us later)

a few re-ups on some tees...

Carlitos doing some damage::

Carlitos was nice enough to bring us a bag of peanut candy.

Just got our sample coaches jackets in and they are looking on point. Stay tune yall.


Anonymous said...

aren't those the Stealth AJIII's coming out in Sept?

Anonymous said...

Aren't those the stealth 3s coming out later. Gphgp.

MTRLSTC said...


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