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May 8, 2011


Although it was a sad or frustrating disappointing day in Los Angeles, we didn't forget about today's occasion - Mother's Day. They only get one day to be truly appreciated rather than being everyday...

However, hunting for flowers were quite difficult especially when there's about 20+ flower shops next to each other trying to compete for the best prices.

Why not grab some food first before going around? Haha.

I was able to resist not buying any food while witnessing how this vendor prepared the hotdog. The smell of grilled onions, jalapenos, and hotdog... Haha.

I guess Jeff was hungry...

Too many flowers to choose from! Some were expensive and some were cheap. Expensive bouquet of flowers were still in great shape and cheap flowers were starting to show discoloration on the leaves.
We were trying to look for something in between - cheap, but good quality flowers just like buying some shoes! Haha.

Jeff haggled the flower sales person right away for this basket of flowers, but sales person couldn't refuse on his offer. I mean he's already an expert on bargaining for shoes. Haha.

As for us (Manny, Murad, and I) we were on budget for our flowers. Haha. $10 for those flowers was a good deal. Well, it's the thought that counts - as some mothers would say.

Going to leave out the awkward/funny incident that happened after taking this picture. Haha.
- RIF-LA Staff.


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