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May 13, 2011

FRIDAY the 13TH.

Money making Carl always willing to help our customers, from over the phone all the way to the sales floor. Sometimes you can throw little things in his fro and he'll never know theres something stuck in it till he gets home.

is this drews feet?

Bryan Herrera stays stocking us up with brand new jays at reasonable prices that NO ONE can beat, not even we can beat his dam prices. PRICE TO MOVE - Bryan

He never fails to bring us down some pastrami chili cheese fries that can literally feed 4 of us! Thanks FAM!


edoki san via visvims

brunoMURAD via w)taps chukkas
MANNYankee via W)taps Sk8 Mids...

Tokyo Town Rats


Edoki San is very popular with the asian community, to the point where all these people want to do interviews with him in the store. This dudes a natural at it now, but not when theres 10 people watching him the whole time lol.

the camera crew...

no one was allowed in, but do you see a ninja turtle up top?


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