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Aug 17, 2008


Today we headed to ArchRival to check out the BMX show they put together in their store. The whole store was filled with rare and expensive bmx bikes. We got there mad early!

Did I mention RED BULL and Sapporo sponsored the whole thing, so you were either drunk or overdosing on sugar. I had like 5 redbulls!

Look who pops out of no where, the infamous "FONEY/RIPSET" family, my fam!.

Got a little hungry so we headed to the booths that were on San Pedro St, and came across some bomb teriyaki chicken.

I spotted Vincent playing with a tekdek, I use to jack these things @ Target and slang em back in middleschool.

I can't read to well, thats why I was never a boyscout.

Headed back and swung by RIF since it was on the way.

Bumped into d.sizzle out of no where.

then bumped into Rob, Art Director for Motion Theory(google it), same cats who made the kobe bryant commercial with the jackass dudes.

also ran into Goku, actually he said he wasn't Goku, whatever its one of those anime people. You can only see these anime fanatics in Little Tokyo, quite weird if you ask me.

its 3:00 and it looks like Mink and Jb just opened the store. Just kidding guys!

Its AL from the ATTIC, he doesn't know I took think picture btw.

This dude right here is a local crackhead, he chills in our store for hours, rapping all day. Try to avoid him if you see him.

Best invention ever, good job Cassette.

headed back across the street to Archrival, drank more redbulls and chilled.

Infamous Ralph, big representing Long Beach. He promotes for everyone so he can get free shirts. jk! he has an event going on next week, we'll post the flyer later!

check it out! the dog is wearing shoes on all four feet!

Dubbs, representing Proper LB, was also there, always supporting anything to do with BMX bikes, and we got Eric, part owner of Archrival holding it down.

lastly, to end this here, remember this little boys face! He is the future.

damn now i know why bloggers post youtubes, haha. Big ups to Archrival on the success of this BMX show, and great meeting all the good people who went. Also thank you Redbull for all the FREE Redbull. Everybody enjoy the rest of their weekend.


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