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May 23, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out to Big Seans "MEET & GREET" @ RIF LA. The store was filled with positive cats and everything went smoothly!

It was our first time meeting Big Sean, and compared to past "up and coming" artists, or even well known artists now that we met, he's one of the most humble individuals we ever encountered and the dude has REAL talent, so definitely look out for this dude and appreciate his music.

Heres a few pictures! Sorry too lazy to upload all, but ENJOY!

Young cats been waiting forever, "1 more hour guys!"
Big Sean just got to RIF, had to show us his tan yeezys b4 we let any1 in.

1st yeezy
1st playstation af1s
Carlos(solexlife) and friends

Big Seans groupies, jk!
Brandon & homegirl.
Gotta grab his mixtape our download here for FREE.
HAHA, faded or wut!?
J.Wallace was in the house!
We had to switch out Big Sean's fitted since we in the heart of Los Angeles!

Is that what I think it is? No not IAN, and NO not J.Wallace sneaking in the picture, but the 3RD Air Yeezy! They literally got to his hotel room the same day! Good timing!

Ians wifey, JENN.
Jeffs wifey
LA always on top!
Signing mixtapes all night.
BAPE LA staff was also in the building sippin on some belvedere.
Also my FAM came down, FONEY FAM!

Ceaser was filling me in on a upcoming sneaker event happening around July, so I'll update the blog once I get all the info.
Big Sean had to bounce to perform at some event in Hollywood, but he had to take one last picture with his favorite fans.
We chilled a little longer after everyone left, long enough for this CRAZY bum to come in looking like a broken black condom, lol.
We had to YELL " SECURITY " to get this dude out.

TILL the next MEET & GREET! Who's next? We'll see!


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