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Jun 8, 2009

From Tokyo with LOVE.(pause)

Im sure all of you are wondering why RIF took a few days off last week, with no updates nor idea of what essentially was going on. Well on the behalf of RIF/LaAve/Napsize, we apologize for the inconvenience. The reason for our short(but productive) leave of absence was not taken in vein. Our shop updated all the software to what our counterparts in Japan are using and we back in FULL effect, new and improved, like Kobe with the 2-4. So please stay tuned for whats to come.

On a side note, like many of you may know we RUN sneaker consignment in Japan, no one is touching US when discussing consignment(pricing, service, overall knowledge and experience) WORLDWIDE, name another consignment shop that has a shop(s) oversees?... we have been in business for more than 15 years and who do we have to thank? YOU, the loyal customers.

On the Behalf of La.Ave/Napsize/Rif  we thank all of you loyal supporters around the globe. From sunny California, ATL, NY, FL, Mexico City(wadup Jasper)to Befordshire London, Paris France,  and the home of the Great Wall the entire globe has showed support and most importantly the simple love of a nice pair of sneakers. Thank you.

For all those sneaker fiends hunting for their next grail, steal, or just see a shoe they want, you can always request pictures and we will send them ASAP, only catch is we receive more than 200 picture requests a day and by the time you get your pics, the shoes of your dreams might be on the next flight out of RIF. you snooze you looze.


dont sleep, if you cant wait for your pics and are dying to place an order, call the shop and we will be happy to give you a detailed description of the shoes you want. Its a cut throat hunt!

Just recently our shop in Japan just recently started their LA. AVE  blog, so if you can read kanji, katakana or just want to see pics of whats going on in Japan peep their blog.

There is one thing all the staff of LA Ave/Napsize/RIF like to do, relax, kick up our feet and enjoy a cold one.
KIK TYO representing.

sneakers will never die in Japan


Thank you again for your patience, stay tuned for what's to come.


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