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Apr 20, 2009


We would like to greet everyone a HAPPY 420!  Its everyones birthday today, well almost everyone.  Today was another hot day for April, even hotter than yesterday man.  

Our boys Juan and Carlos, who are also cousins, came down to peep what new jordans we just got in, they seem to always come up on the best deals we have on jays.  
Carlos showing off his AJ 1 black/red 01 retro nds that he got for only $240.00 from us!

His cousin Juan is camera shy, but the space jams he got from us for only $200 is down for a camera shot!
To celebrate 420, our good friend ian came down to take me and Ed out to some spot in Manila, called BAHAY KUBO.  
Traditional Filipino food, can't go wrong PARE!
These are the deadly, salty, pinkish eggs.  
Everything was on point! This spot beats PINOY PINAY by a long shot.
I got KARE KARE w/bagong ofcourse, my favorite!!!
Only in Philippines will you find a tv in the frontal part of your house. lol
Tell me why Tito Boy was rocking some Londons though. lol
" NO JEFF!!!"
#1 DESERT, saving this bad boy till we get back to work!

No this is not orange soda, this is crack melon juice !
Meet RIF's new bench :)
Is that who I think it is? YES! Its RALPH aka mr. used to be on rifs blog everyday, aka SHARK, aka WIGGUMS, aka MAYOR of Long Beach. 
Yes, ed, meet your twin.
#1 Desert, " turon, turon, turon, "

Happy 420 once again! I shall leave earth now, visit the moon, and come back for work tomorrow!


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