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Apr 6, 2009


Fix gear riding is hitting the little kids already, wowzers.

The pack on top told the kid on the bottom that he couldn't be in the picture because he had brakes on his bike. So I hooked him up with a solo picture.

only @ RIF
only @ RIF

only @ RIF

1st version sample kruegers, menthol samples, jpack neon samples!

$325 ds, GONE!

Bloody Sunday samples
bean cake sample
Caught this dude messing up our shoes!
Sike.. its the homies from the ATTIC. Hit up their asian invasion BLOG when you have time. :)
y hello ED!


ILNOJ said...

Those aren't menthol samples. I think those are Skate Or Die samples.

RIF_LA said...

Actually it is a menthol sample, because the dude @ Nike said so, and he said its a 1 of 1. :)

Pudge said...

yo its just a bike chill out.
"no one cares"

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