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Jul 7, 2009


Unfortunately I was not one of the 17,500 people who were lucky enough to attend Michael Jacksons Memorial Service, but I was able to join thousands of people who flooded the streets around the Staples Center.

Most the people there were trying to sell t-shirts, photographs, buttons, etc. Also every news channel, radio station, and blogger were in attendence interviewing everybody. It was the first time I ever seen this many cops! lol

Check out a few pictures I took below!

MJ tees every corner

The cops would not let anybody near the Staples Center if you didn't have a wrist band to go in. Even MTV failed to get pass them.
Remember this guy from way back when he came into RIF to sell us some random nonsense. First he said $20 each, but then he said " $10 FOR BOTH, just for ME " lol

nice collage


This is the last picture I took right before I left while driving.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson!


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