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Aug 13, 2013

73rd Annual Nisei Week

This past weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating the 73rd Annual Nisei Week.  For those who do not know, Nisei means 2nd generation in Japanese and the week was originally meant to celebrate Japanese culture for the 2nd generation of Japanese-Americans.  Today, the festival is meant to allow people of all backgrounds to come together to share Japanese culture and heritage.
Little Tokyo was PACKED all weekend, as you can see in the picture below.  It was really good to see the uplifted turnout for Nisei week this year.
Our neighborhood favorite, Cafe Dulce, was busy like always. 
With pastries this GOOD, it's no wonder why they stay busy. 
Please Try their Almond Loaf, its nuttastic
Be sure to stop by the local Japangeles pop-up-shop for some nice clothing and accessories.
Japangeles lighters are an essential.
 Nijiya market was busy making food all day.
There were also multiple street performers playing Japanese instruments.
The only negative aspect to Nisei week is the colossal traffic jams that are created by the street closures for the parade.
The annual parade is just as much fun as the other festivities, for most people the parade is the highlight of Nisei week.   
The live performances on the floats were very entertaining, Taiko drums were the crowd favorite.
The sidewalks were packed too, one thing that everyone had to keep in mind was to respect the locals.
Back inside the shop, Manwell was working hard accompanied by the homie Jackie Jin.
Carl helping a customer with a buyback on his his 20 pair collection.
Another satisfied customer, we appreciate you for stopping by.
Here's a look at ANOTHER legit check, this time with a Gradeschool sized DB 4.  Unfortunately, this pair was declared FAKE.  Take a look below to compare yours.
A more detailed look at the upper, the arrows were too dark.
Upon first glance, it was obvious the tag on the box was FUGAZY.
Shoutout to Jokoy and his son for stopping by to pick up some kicks!
Shoutout to Vince Staples for picking up some shoes as well, nice to meet you bro.
Finally, a RIF regular, Demar DeRozan for stopping by to pick up some heaters as usual.

 Air Yeezy 1 Zen Grey x RIF LA
Until next time, have a blessed week.


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