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Aug 5, 2013

OPM x RIF Party Recap

As you all know, we recently held the OPM x RIF LA Party on Friday, August 2nd.  First off, we would like to thank everyone who supported and came out to the party because without our SUPPORTERS this event would never have been possible.  We were very happy with the turn out, and we hope you all had a good night.   
The homie Fernando was ready as usual, here he is with his signature sign, "Bit*h Don't Kill My Vibe."  It's never difficult to spot him in the crowd.
Pregame: Does this look like enough alcohol for 500+ people?

We had PLENTY of beer for everyone, we didn't even run out!
Is this enough Moët for the TEAM?!
The turnup crew was ready to do what they're best known for: TURNING UP. 

Ilnoj was manning Rif Dos.

Thank you to everyone who respected our shop by not TOUCHING the shoes on either wall.

 The calm before the storm: we had people lined up around the corner an HOUR before we started the party. 

The line got deeper every minute, this is what it looked like on 2nd street approximately 30 minutes before we opened up.  Everyone is ready to listen to some good music, have a few drinks, and of course chill with the man himself, Dom Kennedy. 

Ben Baller was in the building as well, typical Ben stunting on everyone with his Jewlery game AND Shoe game. 

 Ben checking out the OPM x RIF shirt, which was exclusive for Friends & Family only. 
Here's a close-up look at the front of the tee.

Peep the back as well, this shirt came together nicely for the event.
Jackie Jin made sure to get a quick pic with Dom & Ben.

Danny & Cris had to get one as well.
After chillin' it was all work for Cris at the door.  The turnout for the meet & greet was CRAZY to say the least.

Team Rancho was in the building.

Dom Kennedy showing love to quite possibly his YOUNGEST fan in the building.

Lil man had to get a pic with Casey and Ben as well.

Dom & Jaime.  Big thank you to Jaime for DJ'ing the event all night, we appreciate it!

Dom and another young lady posing for a picture.

Shoutout to these two ladies for stopping by, the TU was real.

Manwell and Lucy, the two lovebirds of RIF.

Shoutout to Casey Veggies, Anwar Carrots, and Josh Peas for stopping by as well.  Nice to see you guys.

It was a PACKED house in the shoe store, this was the peak of the turn up.  Since it was TOO CRAZY at RIF 1, we had to have RIF DOS open for Dom's friends and family only. 

The SUMMARY of how everyone felt that night.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did, once again THANK YOU to each and every person who came out to support Dom or RIF.  Until the next RIF party, have a blessed week.


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