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Jan 8, 2009


Finally got my first day off for 2009, dam it feels good. Take care of a few errands, clean the house, ate bomb crepes, and I end my night watching " SEVEN POUNDS "(thanks mikey), might become the best movie for 2009! This is also the best bootleg I have ever seen.

Best movie, best actor, best hunnie actor, best place to watch a movie, already the best day I ever had!

Broke out some 99s for 2009

Better late than never.  Big thanks go out to the cats behind Vans Syndicate and also to TAKA HAYASHI for designing some of the illest vans that ever came out.
Yes, thank you again, I will be rocking these Gabe Morfords tomorrow.

This means you can wear NO SOCKS, but I'm still not down to go RAW.

Back to work kids.


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