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Jan 15, 2009

Stop Playin' and Grow Up Kid.

So it has been a minute since a LEGIT street wear brand has made its way to the boulevard.
Today streetwear consists of radiant pastel colored flannels, shirts marked with logos and corny ideas that the consumer cannot relate to nor understand. This look not only give us migraines and pollutes the streets with random colorful nonsense but gives the consumer a false entitlement of "cool kid/rude boy" status.

Certain brands have always stayed true to simplistic design and detail driven ideal( NBHD, VIS, TAPS) We are starting to notice the trend of simplicity and basics. ARCHRIVAL is one of the very few US brands that has ALWAYS stayed true to the simple ideal of detail and base color, straying aware from trend and remained true to basic street lifestyle.

So Today we payed a visit to our boys Across the Street at ARCHRIVAL. The PREMIER streetwear boutique of Downtown LA. To our surprise they just received their signature cut and sewn and without a doubt they came CORRECT.

Here's a sneak peek: we just might have to retire our NBHD/TAPS and kick it up a notch.

PEEP the 3/4th button-up mock neck.

Hooded Flannel Basic Red/black like its suppose to be, non of that turquoise/purple ladyboy steez ...get the F outta here with that. (peep the satin lining, staying classy LA)

Lightweight bomber. TOO fucken fresh.! Heavy enough for Cali winter nights but light enough for year round Cali 70Degree weather.(peep the detail)
Archrival Classic Oxford. Leave your $350.00 Visvim Oxford at home. This SHITS on any OXFORD period. Pictures do this NO justice(TOO MUCH DETAIL). SO dope that you can rock this with your jump-off Saturday night at the club, then wake up and rock the same shirt to Church the next morning, and God wont even be mad at you...TOO fucken fresh.
A Twist on your favorite black hoodie. Simple classic silloute with an ARCHRIVAL TWIST. Oversized neckclosure to hide all those hickies you WILL be getting from all the ladies. Satin lining to keep it classy with buttons and details that you will NOT see on any other black hoody.
Give your Helmut Lang, B.Son hoodies to your babies mama. Step it up.

349 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone 213.626.2230

sooner than you think.

Stop Playing, grow up kid.


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