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Dec 17, 2011

RIF LA Winter Line

Our RIF Winter Line dropped today and MannyFRESH and Moorad were more than happy to model all of our new designs.

We have our GPHGP 5th Year Anniversary design in a Navy or a Charcoal grey hoodie.

Nipsey Hussle came down to pick up his navy GPHGP hoodie.

GPHGP 5 Year tees in a 50/50 blue colorway

5th Year GPHGP tee is burgundy/white.

5 hit on the left sleeve (5 YEARS)

TOKYO TOWN RATS tee in heather grey (Murads favorite)

TOKYO TOWN RATS tee in white/burgundy

back hit:::

Lady of Guadalupe tee comes in a black and white design and a multicolored design.
underneath is RIF.LA Para Siempre which translates to RIF.LA FOREVER..

Lady of Guadalupe in white/black (Mannys favorite)

ALWAYS PUSHING WEIGHT Pocket tee in 50/50 blue

ALWAYS PUSHING WEIGHT in black/white colorway

black on black on black pocket tee

MO SHOES, MO PROBLEMS tee in 3 colorways. I believe we can all relate to this shirt. (HEFFEs favorite tee)



MO SHOES, MO PROBEMS in a south beach colorway:


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