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Apr 20, 2011


Homie Jeremy came down to make some donations for Skidrow, and check out the old school BUYING FAKE SHOES SUPPORT TERRORISM tee. Nice!

We felt like adding some fat to our body so we made a trip to the Original Tommy Burgers. No one can beat their chili!

Manny sticking to his promise that he'll be eating at least one salad a day for the next year. Tryna lose 20 LBs!

Just a few sneaker shots:

BrunoMURAD taking advantage of his RIF benefits and copping a pair of DS 1st W)taps Chukkas for $120.00. CRACK DEAL!

Speaking of BrunoMURAD, his childhood buddies came all the way down from the 909 area to congratulate MURAD on still being employed @ RIF LA.

They even brought their dog down, say hi to BROWNIE.

You know we had to bless 3M Wallace with a pair of shoes for his born day. People say 35 is the new 25.

Also a big Happy 16th birthday to Mannyankee .... shouts to Kobree for the handmade cake!

2nd St Willy came down to greet Manny for his born day:

Willy ended up trading his black laser 4s we gave him a while back for an even more comfortable pair of runners.

You can't go wrong with these buddy, these are worth thousands ;)

We even gave him a bag of donations to distribute around Skidrow, but he ended up making his own little dunkxchange outside. Not too bad Willy.


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