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Apr 12, 2011


Its always nice to take a few minutes out of your busy day and take a stroll around the block. We normally dont leave the sanctuary of RIF but to help support the recent tragedies in Japan we wanted to visit the local temple and show our support not only by donating what we can but by purchasing goods in which 100% of its proceeds are being donated to the American Red Cross for Japan.

A little cloudy but a nice afternoon non- the less.

upon crossing the Little Tokyo Plaza we came across this one man band playing his keyboard being powered with his own breath. You know we had to hook him up with some loot. All proceeds going to Japan.

We reach the temple on 1st and make our way through its gates.

Local vendors with all proceeds going to Japan.

What Edouche wore. RIF Pocket Tee

with the not soo cool Christos.

On our way back to the shop after paying our respects at the temple... was our boy Carlos. Speaking of support you know that he stays supporting RIF. Good to see you bro.

Soon after we settled in, KTLA News came to the shop and wanted to interview someone from the shop regarding how the tragedy in Japan has effected those in and around Little Tokyo.

We knew Manny was the best candidate for the interview.

Manny's getting a little scared and just only recently found out that RIF LA was located in Little Tokyo.

The interviewer asked him " Soo being half-Japanese how has the recent tragedy affected your family in Japan and your community here in Los Angeles?"

Manny didn't know that the interviewer wanted to interview someone of Japanese ancestry. We thought he looked close enough.

"We're in Japan-Town?"- Manny

RIF Pocket Tee's keeping it simple and refined.

Ms. Moorad (Moorad's MOM) came to visit MOORAD. Such a nice lady. Moorad we didn't know it was bring mom to work day.

None the less...nice meeting you MS. Moorad

What Moorad thought when Edouche wanted to ask for his mom's number.

Team Pacquiao. WE here at RIF Support Pacman like everyone else but wearing a fully autographed jacket with the shoes and shirt to match?

What our boy Lennard Cupcakes thought of this.

Shoe SHOTS of the DAY.


Officially the BEST couple sneaker shot here at RIF. Period

Are you guys ready this weekend?


FUTURA. Classic.

Heines. if we were to choose a "loud colored" Dunk SB to wear forever. This is it.

Python AM 90 I remember these being at my local Footaction a month after release.

Stay updated on our blog we will be releasing our LAKER PLAY-OFF Tee's soon.


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