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Apr 24, 2011


We might be too young to go hunt for some Easter eggs, but your never too old or young to be hunting for some rare kicks. Just got in a load of new arrivals, so be sure to check out the website and tell a friend.

Click the Jump for more new arrivals!

click ------> NEW ARRIVALS

You know we had to sneak in that 420 Bonsai dunk in the mix:::

If you size 13 then its a MUST to hop on those 112 air trainers and air forces.

We got you covered on the KOBE section.

Never seen these before, but we'll take a chance on having these in the shop.

pacman x undercover x nike ...

I'm a business man, I'm a BUSINESS MAN.

Back in the days we use to stamp all of our store bags with RIF LOGOS, remember?

some dope sneaker shots of the day:



everything in Los Angeles think they FAMOUS..

muradBRUNO: gucci samples

EDOKISAN: hiroshi fragments

These should be a must have for all ladies, I heard the girl who designed them went to ART CENTER in Pasadena. Best wmns design ever. NUFF SAID.

VIPER came down to chat it up with Carl about whats going on in the world of the WWE!? I heard Stone Cold Steve Austin is back!?!?

cool grey iv ROBOCOPPED...


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