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Apr 22, 2011

Where are you YEEZY...2?

We here at RIF LA have been receiving numerous phone calls and EMAILS about the YEEZY 2. We are more than happy to answer any and all phone calls and emails regarding these ULTRA HYPED sneakers.
Here are a few questions we have been receiving over the phone and email.

Incident 1

" yo is this RIF LA"

"yes good afternoon, how can we be of assistance"

"when the Yeezy's 2 coming out?!"

"To be honest sir, we are unsure about that at this time...please check in with us in a few months or call your local shoe boutiques"

"Like Footlockers or champs?"

"We are unsure at this time"

"Yo guys don't know anything about kix... I'm gonna call my boy at champs"


Incident 2

"Good Afternoon, RIF"

"...are you guys selling the YEEZY 2 and how much?"

"Sorry SIR but the shoes haven't released yet"

"WTF you guys talking about, I saw them on the net..my dude, and on your site you have the YEEZY 1's"

"We believe those are just samples and they aren't for sales at this time.(talking about the YEEZY2)"

"SUREE...I'm gonna hit up my boys in JAPAN..peas"

"Have a great afternoon sir."


WOW REALLY? STOP FIENDING. SHOES ARE WACK and the only guys we know that wants them is Manny Fresh and MOORAD cause we all know how much a KANYE FEEN those two are.
Again we have no issues with answering any questions via email or phone call...and most importantly hate contributing to this YEEZY 2 HYPE.

BUT Please be patient and like the rest of you we probably all have the same info for these shoes coming out.


skeet on you said...

yeezy 2's are fucking distusting. yeezy 1s are actually nice these look like a cross trainer that fucked the yeezy 1 and came out with a garbage front sole from some old nike shoe that i remember that came in white/ blue / red. shit is hideous.

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