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Jun 26, 2012


Living in southern california an automobile is not only the most convient way to get around but a necessity in our daily lives. Though Southern California is expanding its public transportation system, we are decades away from our advanced counter parts in Tokyo and New York.

There are benefits and drawbacks with owning a vehicle but its part of being a Los Angelino. 
Without automobiles in Southern California, where would the birth of Low Riders come from, where would tuned up exports illegally race, and what would WEST Coast Hip-Hop be loosely based off of, without joy riding and car stunting?

Cars in So. CAL is a right of passage for anyone turning the legal age, it not only expresses us individually but a times serves a quiet realm for us to think/relax and enjoy the great CALI weather while cruising down the BLVD ,THAT...is what public transportation will never have.

There are some of us here at RIF that take pride in automobiles more specifically "Handles" Tapley. He entered into the "right of passage" a few months ago and wasted NO time aquiring an automobile and even saved up his lunch money to buy new shoes for the WHIP.

"He's riding around and gettin it" for a high school student not bad for his first car.

He calls his whip the "silver soda" quenching all the THIRST of those high school ladies. GET it HANDLES.

Although the  STANCE of his rims is meer baby steps to the RIMs shown on the Left, its a START.

What Murad thought of his CAR, play nice boys.

The BEST part of "Handles" being able to DRIVE now 
(keep in MIND we've know him since he was in the 7th Grade) is that now he can go outside of Little Tokyo to Pick up our lunch.

Sticky BUMPS air freshener, aww the youth of today.

Handles wasted no Time, he made sure to deck out his CAR with an ILLEST decal, he STAYS supporting little TOKYO. PEEP our neighbors ILLEST. site here.

Murad was nice enough to take a JOY Ride with Handles, to pick up our LUNCH and took a few pics around DownTOWN. 72 Degrees clear skys. THIS is LIFE in LA.

Being in HIGHSCHOOL, BAPE anything is COOL, too bad he can only afford an IPHONE case. AGAIN its a start, what brands were you REPPING in HIGHSCHOOL?

Rarely do we get to experience this delicacy. HEALTHY Japanese food in little tokyo is over-rated.

What handles WORE today. GOOD TASTE for a youngin

Taking a STANDING up Nap before the trek back to shop. Its hard having to MOP, FIX all the SHOEs, CLEAN, answer ALL phone calls while having to simultaneously help all instore customers.

This KID is going FAR.

Illest Represent.

Murad decided to splurge on the JUNK FOOD Goodness. GUESS who had to PAY?


TIME is money here at RIF. And Murad and HANDLES wasted ALOT of BOTH.

WE will be back "FARMER BOYZ".

Murad's such a sneaker head, WORKING at a SNEAKER SHOP you would think he would at least show "Handles" a good example. BUT i guess after 2 years working at a SNEAKER shop you get a little tired at TIMES.



THANK YOU "HANDLES" for Driving we appreciate you and thanks MURAD for suggesting JUNK FOOD our health appreciates you also.

When Murad and Handles got back to the shop with the GOODIES they were greeted by our Favorite DUO.

@THEE_SMA and @Qualmes. We've  known these TWO for years and have grown a mutual friendship and they have ALWAYS been fun and RECKLESS... Stuntmen*

These 2 are the original WILDBOYZ follow their INSTAGRAM for some of the most INCAUTIOUS, NEGLIGENT, and IMPRUDENT behavior ever seen and have some laughs while your at it.

GOOD to see you BROS. HAHA Drinks on me next time.

Smile your ON CAMERA.

"NO more PICS," Handles" "I'm bout to knock you out BREH" - Qualmes

"you don't want non HANDLES, back off" -Thee_SMA

"...but they told me I had to take pics of you two" - HANDLES

What the DUO. Wore Today. 


@thee_SMA some HIGH-END Italian "Jonts". YUP thats the NAME they gave Handles when he asked him.

Right when the DUO exited the building and we were about to FINALLY get our JUNK FOOD CONSUMPTION ON the HOMIE MIKE came thru and BLESSED us as USUAL with HEALTHY GOODNESS from a RESTAURANT he works at.

PACIFIC DINING CAR here in DTLA. MUST HAVE and a personal FAV. Click HERE.

You might remember it from the movie "Training Day" best part they are open 24 HOURS!


DENNY's? are you in Highschool/College STILL?

"Actually yea.."-Manny

"Dude $30.00 Salads, thats more than you pay me a day" -Murad

"its all about IHOP F&*K Denny's"- Carl

"I have a 9 o'clock curfew"- Handles

THE HEALTH GODS were watching US and didn't want us to EAT ALL that JUNK food that "Handles" and MURAD so DEDICATEDLY picked up.


  Stay TUNED, NEXT TIME Handles DRIVEs to TJ Mexico For some Mexican FOOD.


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