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Jun 21, 2012

Pee Pee

Nike has been on ROLL lately with various releases and re-releases. From the Nike Free Run 3, Roshe to the much hyped Yeezy2 Nike has all of us scrambling around to get the next shoe release and at times without even second guessing.

With all the shoes releasing also comes the HYPE, with HYPE comes the re-seller and sometimes unfortunately those who really wanted the sneakers in the first place are left empty handed.

Owning a sneaker shop we experience it all, we are not only sneaker collectors but buyers and sellers. And in ALL our YEARS we have never experience as much hype/anger/desperation/happiness as in the release of the AIR Yeezy 2.

Though the design is interesting (MUCH BETTER than Y1) and the over-all shoe is a nice concept.

In our opinion DEFINITELY NOT worth its price tag. Non the less a shoe that will make NIKE History.


Can you believe these all came from one person? BTW thanks for the HOOK bro.

Breaking NECKS a WEEK early, I'm surprised he didn't get mugged.

Its awesome to meet different types of individuals that collect sneakers. From Junior Highschoolers, Doctors to Truck Drivers its always nice to meet a fellow shoe connoisseur. 

Meet Murad and Carls childhood Friends Charles and Bobby. They currently work around the LA area and on their "Free Time" stop by to pick up a few sneakers and chop it up with Carl and Murad.

Nice to meet you two!

 VIP Parking treatment Errrwhere.

Saving lives, buying shoes.

Hiding the GOODS in the back. 

The homie Charles waking up from his 2 min nap.

While outside saying our farewells to the Homies, we SPOT the homie NIMA coming to the shop looking to ANNOY as usual. 

Yeezy 1 Looking real outdated. Nice non the less.

Thanks for the PIC bro

RIF shoe Couple of the DAY.

What Heffe wore today. TAKA X VANS X Pendleton. 

What CARL wore today. BAPE X Beat X Cons

R.I.P. Nike SB.

These are still NICE THO.

 Swag'ed out thanks to SWAG SUPPLY.peep their SITE. HERE

This has been our Drink of Choice for Years. If you haven't had it give it a try. It tastes like medicine but is the perfect substitute for your SODA. Fatty

Looks like Pee Pee but its actually delicious and GOOD for YOU!

Whats better than a Girl that likes sneakers?

A girl that likes sneakers and buys SNEAKERS for their man.

Stay tuned for FUN Friday.


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