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Jun 28, 2012


Gratification is one of LIFES goals/guilty pleasures. Its part of human nature to satisfy needs and wants. (though selfish at times) Here at RIF many of our customers including ourselves have THAT gratifying feeling when we finally acquire our sneaker Grails or that Nike release that was SOLD OUT. Sometimes our gratification comes with a sale of a sneaker. Whatever it maybe, at times our gratification is selfish.

Its SAD that we find our contentment with this materialism and our fetishes at times overshadow whats sincerely important in our lives.  Relationships.

At the end of the day when we shut RIF's doors we sometimes neglect whats genuinely meaningful, our bonds. And when at home continue to fill contentment with latest news of a sneaker release or whats playing on netflix.

HERE at RIF its unanimous that one of the MOST Gratifying parts of our work hours are the RELATIONSHIPS/BONDS we make with YOU our supporters and MOST importantly relationships with friends and family.

The Homie CARLOS has been a supporter since day one and is one of the friendships thats more meaningful than any Retro Retro of the Retro Release.

Thank you for the PIES bro. Appreciate you.

BlueBerry PIE

And a NICE and Warm Pecan Pie that Manny Fingered.

Speaking of Relationships, we formed a CLOSE working bond with Jarritos Soda Company, They deliver BI-Weekly and Always Deliver with the SAME Mexican Wrestler.  

VIVA LOS Jarritos.

Thank you SeƱor.

Manny wasted NO TIME and double Fisted the Orange Flavored Sugar Water and FINISHED both bottles with the power of ZEUS.

Come BY and GET ONE FREE of Charge!

and IF you DRINK SODA its Jarritos OR NOTHING.

The HOMIEs over at ROSEWOOD Barber SHOP shipped us some T-SHIRT GOODNESS.

Thank you again guys we appreciate the LOVE.

Here at RIF its fair to say that though many of US share the same gratification with our friendship and relationship, with RIF being a shoe store its interesting to see different examples of personal sneaker contentment.

The homie NIMA finds his gratification buying some Creative Recreation Sneakers...opps I mean Gucci HI's

Others find their gratification with VINTAGE Nike heat. @worldfamousufb

some find it with a leisurely pair of VANS

The Homie MIKE with a "ahead of its time" Nike Spideron. TOO DOPE

ALL different TASTE, ALL content with their purchase.

All in All, The premise of happiness and gratification should not only be fulfilled for yourself but given in return.

Stay TUNED, NEXT TIME Manny wrestles The Jarritos Mexican Wrestler.


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