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Jun 1, 2012


Summer is right around the corner, but tell me why it feels like it came a couple weeks ago with this hot weather.  New Arrivals never stop coming, so don't sleep on the website.  Once it hits the website, it can be gone the next minute you click the refresh button. 

 Couple sneakershots of the day:::

rZa with the Summit Hornet Lebrons 

 Chris broke out his Cavs 4s, one of the best quality jordans i've seen come out recently!

Chris & Rza trying to bring it back to early to mid 2000 with the BAPES.  Keyword TRYING!

 This f*cking BUM on the right is cray cray! please make sure to avoid him if you ever see him in the store.

Mannys brody ISA came down to shoot a quick shot for his Youtube Channel.

We don't really understand what its for, but I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks :)

take 1

take 2

take 3 

take 4

...and CUT! 


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