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Jul 3, 2012


 Our work at RIF revolves around you, our customers and supporters. Though to the naked eye RIF may appear to be a regular sneaker boutique there is a whole different dynamic with our business. essentially we sell YOUR sneakers while simultaneously buy, answer questions, send back shoes, inform those needing info all while being patient with those obnoxious clients . Here at RIF we wear multiple hats and need to be proficient handling any and all situations

The overwhelming amount of shoes masks what it is we essentially do. SERVICE all your sneaker needs.

Like the sneakers here at RIF we meet and encounter an eclectic assortment of personalities and people.

At the end of the day the bottom-line is still very important but our real enjoyment comes from meeting ALL of you and conversing about something we all share, the passion for footwear. 

The homie Connor enjoyed meeting and Helping out the HOMIE Andres.

Almost 2 years clean we are Happy for the old timer. Enjoy those AM.

Our Favorite School Teacher B. FELD and his nephew. We've know him for years and has the most well-rounded sneaker collections out.

Good to see you Mr. FELD

The Homie  STIX has not only been buying/selling with us here at RIF but is our liaison to NBA players. THANKS always STIXx

The homie Demar fresh off the plane. You know he had to come to RIF and pick up any and ALL our size 13 heat.

Connor thought He was a Baseball player. SMH Conner.

"not sure if serious"- Manny

Support  X 2

The Homie DJ Gregstreet always makes sure to STOP by when in Los Angeles.

LA Local @AFROKIX always sporting HEAT.

The son of UNION's very OWN VIC... RAIDEN. Posing for the CAMERA showing us his NEW toys.

This is what Kids are Suppose to DO. 
Play with new toys.

This is what kids aren't suppose to do.

Throwing up Gang signs.

What Raiden wore today.

ABC. NT's very own living legend, If you don't now now you know. SIZZLEEEEE DUNN

What ABC wore today.

JONRIZZLE always hiding from the camera. You can catch him on FAIRFAX monday-sat 11-7pm hanging out.


The homie CARLOS ALWAYS buys 2 shoes "at the same damm time"

Not to bad for a recent high school grad.

NIMA's older more mature Brother. EILA came through and like his younger counter part ALWAYS buys TOP Notch products. 

Good seeing you KID Robot AM1, I will see you soon in my size.

 As soon as DEMAR sped off his team MATE came thru to pick up the rest of the size. 13's

Can you guess who?

Funny thing is that Connor knew exactly who is Ball player was. Nice meeting you Amir.

What Connor wore today.

What conner wore on his Head Today.

"I see what you did there"- Manny

Connors Essentials. Do you see what I see?

Regardless the day its always nice to see and spend time with our customers and friends. #support

Stay Tuned next week Connor smokes out with Demar and Amir. 


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